10 Facts About Penis

Facts About Penis

1. It fits all
Normal penis will erect at the size of 6 - 7 inches.

2.Double whammy
100 men worldwide are born with 2 willies. It is called Diphallus.

3. Pants
1 in 10 men us the same pants for a period of more than 3 days.

4.French Size
The nation with largest penis size was reported to be French with average size of  6.2 inches.

5. Ejaculation
Men will ejaculate for the average of 7200 times in his lifetime.

6. Masturbation
Men will ejaculate  from masturbation for the average of 2000 times in his lifetime.

7. Unbreakable
You can break it as there is no bone to it. But it can suffer penile fracture when it turns to blue.

8. Circumcised
About 30% of men over the age of 15 had been circumcised.

9. Speed
28 mph : the average speed of ejaculation.

10. The Champion
The largest recorded penis was 11 inches. 

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