Penis Disease - Priapism

Have you ever hear of a penis disease called Priapism. If not you better read this post cause this penis disease can happen to you.


Priapism is a condition where a persistent, most of the times painful erection lasting about more than 4 hours happens. It happens not because of sexual activity and will not be relieved by orgasm. Rather, it happens because of the blood that flows into the penis is not properly drained because of some problems.

The Common Causes

- Drug abuse or alcohol abuse

- Affect of certain medications especially some antidepressants and blood pressure pills.

- Problems in spinal cord

- Genitals' injury

- Anesthesia

- Therapy that involved penile injection usually done to treat erectile dysfunction

- Diseases related to blood such as leukemia and sickle cell anemia.


For the best treatment, consult your nearest doctor. The treatment is a medical emergency as a persistent erection more than 4 hours can cause scar to the penis and might lead to long term complication of erectile dysfunction. The treatment’s objective is to stop prolonged erection and preserve normal penis function. Different medications will be used based on different circumstances. Sometimes, medicines that shrink blood vessels will be use to eventually reduce the blood flow to the penis if necessary. Most of the times, the treatments do not need surgery but in rare cases, surgery may be necessary to remove permanent harm to the penis. If Priapism is caused by sickle cell disease, blood transfusion might be needed.

What you can do?
Above all, prevention is better than cure. Treating the underlying medical conditions or substance abuse is crucial as it is the root of the problems that cause Priapism. Priapism may occur again and again if these underlying problems is not being treated.

I care about my penis.

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