Things You Didn't Know About Penises

These are some interesting things you didn't know about penises. It might be weird but it’s nothing more than the truth.

Shrinkage Can Really Happen
State of weather which is too cold or too hot is penis number one enemy.  To effectively produce sperm and testosterones, penis needs to be in a warm state. So, after a dip in a pool don’t expect a good ‘perfomance’.

Smoking Affects Penis Health
Smoking clogs the arteries, affecting the arteries in the penis as well. Smokers will have tougher times rising to the occasion as compared to non-smokers.

It Can Think!
No, just kidding. But it is controlled by the nervous system giving it the ability to erect on its own. It can happen during sleep because of the impulse during REM sleep.

You Can’t Put the Blame on Your Dad
Penis size, length and thickness are not something genetic. It is formed in the uterus when the male’s hormones are activated. So men if you’re unhappy with what you got, Mother Nature is to be blame.

It Is Men Nature to Finish Quickly
The true purpose of intercourse is procreation. So men are borne and evolved in a way that can just make them finish the job regardless of timing. In fact most men can finish everything in 2 – 3 minutes. So men, don’t take it personally if you can’t hang in longer enough.

Shoe Size Theory?
There is no relationship between penis size and shoe size, hand size or nose size. Kiss that theory goodbye.

Improve Penis Size

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